Course How to make Creative Modern Mosaic Projects


How to make Creative Modern Mosaic Projects


9.9.2019 – 13.9.2019

We are inviting you to experience our 40 school hours long course of modern mosaic in one of the most beautiful country in Europe. In 5 days you will learn how to organize and lead modern mosaic project in your community, organization, school. After that course you will be independently able to make mosaics on walls or if you want mosaic on different bases with your participants.

PDF Document: How to make creative modern mosaic projects

What you will get if you join our course?

  • Knowledge about technology of making modern mosaics
  • Which tools and materials are suitable for different projects (indoor or outdoor)
  • How to use tools and materials
  • Improvement of your manual skills
  • Tips and tricks how to organize modern mosaic projects
  • How to make wall mosaic and how to make mosaic on different bases
  • System of modern mosaic creation
  • Building your creative energy
  • Art meditation


We recommend this course to:

  • Teachers (primary, secondary, vocational, special needs)
  • Adult educators
  • Teacher trainers
  • Managers of schools
  • Principals
  • Artists
  • Social workers and Psychotherapist
  • All kind of Coaches

Why to come to learn modern mosaic in Slovenia?

We began our story in 2015 when we performed first workshop of modern mosaic for pensioner. After that we organised mosaic workshops and courses for all generations: children, children with special needs, young people till age 29, young people who dropped out of school, employed people over 45 years old, intergeneration, communities. We were surprised that all people felt enthusiastic about modern mosaic and we noticed personal changes in our participants. The deepening relationships started and after three years we became a big modern mosaic community that is still growing every day.

In a few years we really got a lot of experiences in organizing this kind of workshops and big projects too. As we are aware of really good results, we would really like to share this with the whole world, also with you.

Why modern mosaic inspires people so deeply?

  • Connecting people with themselves and others – Team buildings
  • Increasing social network
  • Meditation
  • Surprise over the final product at the end when all the puzzles come together
  • Personal growth – because of the slow process people can observe themselves and their patterns of personality became visible to them – because of that personal changes are possible

What will we do the whole week? 

The main work will be experience, so we will create modern mosaics. First we will make mosaic all together in a group on the mesh and then we will apply that mosaic on a wall and finish it there. After that every participant will make his own mosaic which he or she will take home. Of course we will talk also about theory and technology of making modern mosaics. We will take some time to see some mosaics in our community too.

Mentor of the course: Urška Ambrožič Potočnik

Urška started with modern mosaic art around 10 years ago, when she and her husband bought an old house and started to renovate it. She felt very strong creative inspiration, so she started to do ambiental mosaic in her toilet, bathroom, stairs,… Few years later they have begun with creative renovation of ambients under the brand Rokodel’c. Now she runs a different types of mosaic courses in cooperation with our organization Ljudska univerza Radovljica and we did a lot of successful mosaic projects in communities with people who live here.

For more information please contact us:

Ljudska univerza Radovljica, Kranjska cesta 4, 4240 Radovljica, Slovenia




Costs and Erasmus+ funding

Our training course is tailored to be fully funded by Erasmus+ and we offer different options to ensure that the Erasmus+ grant will be sufficient (this option is possible if you applied for Erasmus+ grant in February 2019).

We can organize everything for you (this includes course fee, accommodation in single room, 3 meals per day, cultural activities) or you can choose to organize the board and lodging by yourself and opt to just attend the training course.

Course fee is 350 EUR. Contact us for more details.


Location of the course

Course will take place in town Radovljica in Slovenia at Ljudska univerza Radovljica (Adult Education Centre Radovljica). The charming and quaint town of Radovljica lies on a terrace of the Sava river, just a few kilometres from world-renowned Bled.


For more information please contact us:

Ljudska univerza Radovljica, Kranjska cesta 4, 4240 Radovljica, Slovenia




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